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16 Oct 2017 Deer Hunter & Teamspeak Server downtime

Hello friends,

I am forced to take down both the game-, and Teamspeakserver indefinitely.

Apologies for any inconveniences.


24 Dec 2016 Introducing: theHunter: Call of the Wild

Small | Large

Be sure to read the FAQ here.

Official website:

28 Apr 2016 Deer Hunter 2005 & Teamspeak servers currently unreachable

Be advised! The addresses for BOTH the Spikey Mikey Deer Hunter 2005 server and the [H4F] Alternate Teamspeak server have changed!

More information about the new addresses is found here (please make sure you're logged into the website before proceeding!)

24 Sep 2015 Doc Memorial Tournament

Dear friends,

It has been too long... but last year, on the 28th of September, our good friend Doc passed away. Sadly we can't hunt with him anymore, but we can remember the big guy and hopefully meet some old friends during this memorial tournament. The server is up and running and you are very welcome to drop by in Teamspeak to catch up.

(Click image to download the map)

Doc Memorial Tournament

Map: TWF Louisiana Cornfields All Species.
Species: Mule/Whitetail/Blacktail/Axis/Roe.


  • Any weapon/any ammo/any scope;
  • 1 Buck by highest possible value per species;
  • 1 Buck by highest possible weight per species;
  • 1 Doe by highest possible weight per species;
  • Each trophyfile must be accompanied by a screenshot of that deer as shown in your ingame-trophyroom! (Example);
  • Exotic gear not allowed;
  • Any season.

Be advised! The server will be running a mod that increases the total number of deer on the map! This server-side mod will also raise your Bag-Limit to TWO doe's and THREE bucks when hunting on the Spikey Mikey server. This upgraded baglimit will NOT show on your end.

Winner: the hunter who sends in all 15 required trophies and screenshots and who ends up with the highest total points (value + weight).

Duration: One month.

Timeframe: Timeframe: Thursday September 24th 12:01pm (EST/website time) until Thursday October 22nd, 11:59am (EST/website time).

Trophy deadline: Before 11.59pm (EST/Website time) Saturday October 31st.

15 Sep 2015 Outdated news-post moved into [H4F] News Archive!

Hello dear friends!

Just a quick word to let you know we've moved the outdated news posts into their respective "News Archive" catogories.

You can read more about this here.
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